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walker bait(s)

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aaaaaand once again….Emmys suck.

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i’m constantly torn between wanting to watch new shows, re-watching old shows and attempting to have a life that doesn’t revolve around shows

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get to know me meme → [1/10] favorite male characters - Spike
What can I tell you, baby? I’ve always been bad.

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"The Art of Mindfucking" » Orphan Black - Season 2 (S1)

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First Trailer for ’The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby’

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in ukraine i was police detective, i shot many criminals. then i was brilliant scientist, but i quit to be with my family. divorced, after rehab drinking problems. but now i am with my sestra, having adventures.

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"So this spiral, this is the golden ratio and it’s a mathematical pattern that just repeats itself in nature, in flower petals and honeybees and, you know, the stars in the galaxy and in every molecule of our DNA."

Orphan Black - S e a s o n  T w o

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{ E s k i m o P i e }

"Prepare yourself, you’re about to become a craven addict."


Behind the scenes of the 4 Clone dance scene in Orphan Black 2x10 [x]

"Like any actor who understands the physicality of their character. And dance for me has always been the thing that has been my key towards differentiating the clones, so it was fairly natural. The one that took the most out of me was definitely Helena.She loves a good tune, as you can see. She loves to kick it on the dance floor." - Tatiana Maslany

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That’s the infertility sequence? God, no wonder we’re all screwed up.

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[whispers] mon amour

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