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I’m reading a lot of praises from the medias about Outlander’s depiction of sex and nudity (I strongly suggest that you all read this great article ) and I’m beginning to wonder what will they say when the episode with the infamous “spanking-gate" airs.

I’m really just hoping Ron D. Moore & co. will do the best they can to fix the unquestionable flaws of that particular storyline. There are a lot of problems with the way that plot was handled in the book.

You’re so cold,  mo nighean donn. Your hands are like ice.

Anonymous told me: "Inner BJR... well Ok... BUT did you remember that Frank isn't a direct descendent of him? Jack never had children. Frank is a descendent of his brother who was a much better person than him. The TV series stole with all that time focused in a Frank that doesn't exist in the books important moments of Jaime and Claire and all this rant readers fans are having is because Starz need to know that this is not what we want."

aaaaaand cut tO SPOILER. well..but it is my fault after all, I should have mentioned that I’ve only read the first book.

as for the rants of the “book-purists”..this is (for now at least) one of the most accurate adaptation of a book that I’ve ever seen, so I really don’t understand the complains. I said that the scene with Frank were too long but showing his side only enriches the story. I don’t fell like it takes out too much of the rest. Jamie and Claire have tons of scenes in the book, with very long dialogues that couldn’t possibly be adapted in a 50-minutes long episode. Unfortunately (but understandably) it cannot be an hour of Jamie and Claire.

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So about the whole “too much screen time for whiny!Frank” thing and the “this book is not a love triangle like Twilight (?!?)” thing…

First things first, I’m with you, I think the scenes in the 40s with Frank were too long and, for the most part, unnecessary. They took away minutes that could have been used otherwise (I mean in the book the events of the episode take place in several chapters and that’s mostly because certain dialogues between Jamie and Claire are longer, to show that their connection and their attraction is growing). AND I understand that people don’t like that the show focuses more on the “love triangle”  than the book.

BUT, but…I like that they wanted to show a inner Black Jack vibe to the character of Frank, a little in-depth analysis that can’t hurt for a character that, at least in the first book, is hugely underdeveloped (moslty because I really enjoy Tobias Menzies skills as an actor, tbh). That said I agree…TOO.MANY.MINUTES. (But at least we got to see little Roger?!)
About the “love triangle” I gotta tell you that for me it actually feels more realistic and makes more sense in the show, purely because I feel that in the book Claire’s struggle to return to the stones and to her husband isn’t properly developed (imo, of course) and when I was reading it, this really bothered me. I feel like, in her situation, the complexity of her internal conflict between these two men and these two realities should be deeper and should be at the center of the narration (at least at this stage of the story, before she actually makes a conscious decision). I really liked that the show has added some original scenes mostly to extend this specific element (beginning of episode 4, end of episode 7, etc.), because she did love Frank and she did have a great life with him and, if you think about real life, it should not be too easy for her to forget about all that (And I feel like Caitriona does a great job at portaying the ambiguity of Calire’s feelings).
This story is not just Claire and Jamie’s love story…It is, FIRST OF ALL, the story of Claire Randall, her physical and emotional journey, and I think that the tv show is doing an excellent job at showing it.

“Does it ever stop? The wanting you?”

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It hurts so much, she thought. Our children, Ned, all of our sweet babes.

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September 22nd, 2004  10 years of LOST

"Do you really think all this is an accident? That we, a group of strangers, survived, many of us with just superficial injuries? Do you think we crashed on this place by coincidence - especially this place? We were brought here for a purpose, for a reason, all of us. Each one of us was brought here for a reason."

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Very precious to me. 

               A s   a r e   y o u ,  C l a i r e .

"I’ll warn you, It’ll break your heart."
"Already broken."

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Sometimes, it lasts all night. I lie here and I listen to the shovels and the picks against that wall there. And I pray the sun will come up at the curtains before they break through. No, I don’t pray. I hope. And sometimes, it happens. The sun beats them. But mostly…the shovels beat the sun.”


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"I don’t hear the shovels against the wall".

01. Sassenach

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